Productive Social Distancing

The pandemic caused by Covid -19 for the first few months caused me to overindulge. I started off fine because I was working my full-time digital job from home and spending lots of time with my 3-year-old chubby chihuahua, Penelope. My fridge was stocked to the brim and Netflix was booming. So, my inner introvert came out to play and got out of hand. Every day, I lounged in stretch pants, only wore chap stick as my daily make up routine and commuted from snacking in bed to snacking on the couch.

Side note: While I was in love with this temporary mandatory stay at home advisement I didn’t think it was going to last longer than April or May of 2020. I was in denial that we had to cancel vacations, gatherings, and celebrations to quarantine for our survival. Eventually, I accepted our fate and did my best to adapt.

By late spring, I was disgusted at my stagnant sense of self and took a long hard look at myself. I had gained six pounds, my unibrow grew in heavily, and I was feeling cabin fever. I missed seeing friends & family and going places – like really doing stuff outside without tons of precautions. I was getting a little sad about what was going on in the news and it sucked to feel like I was going through it alone. One thing I have always known is that when I am in a situation I cannot control, to do whatever I can control. So, I indulged in activities that could help me and my stir craziness.

  1. YouTube Yoga – I participated in living room workouts following the instruction of online fitness influencers. It helped me bounce back to my usual fit self.
  2. WFH (Work from Home) – oh yea…I worked.
  3. Writing – Did I mention I published a book titled ALL MESSY? The process kept my mind busy especially when I was not doing my 9 – 5 work. Check it out if you’re into embarrassing and scandalous stories that give first person point of view on sketchy characters.
  4. Long dog walks – Penelope and I walked to the nearby park to get fresh air and our steps in for the day
  5. Completed old, procrastinated home projects – I finally painted over nicks and scratches in the wall, threw out clutter, and reorganized my closets
  6. Self-Care – As someone living alone with no actual witnesses to my unkempt pre-teen appearance; It was easy to let myself go. I missed my usual self and made it a point to start back with weekly deep hair conditioning treatments, waxing, painting my nails, spa facials, and long relaxing bubble baths.
  7. Swiping – You know what I am talking about – I am sure! Ha-ha! Yes, I was dating online. Swiping left and right online for about a month. I am not new to that scene of judging guys by their photos and then messaging with them, but one thing is for sure: even if nothing comes out of it- it is highly entertaining.
  8. Social distance hangouts – When eating outdoors at restaurants was finally allowed, I was one of the main people out there at restaurants under a tent, and rooftop lounges. While at these hangouts, I would rip my mask off my face gasping for air like I had never breathed before, but it was just my excitement to be doing more than staring at the TV or my laptop at home.
  9. Video chatting – The only thing I hated about this was when people did not make an appointment. Hmmph! It was nice to see people close to me from the comfort of our own homes, but it sucked when they would call at a time I had a facial mask on, or naked.
  10. Amazon – Whatever I needed I purchased on Amazon: a new office chair for my at home desk, hair care products, vegan snacks, cooking utensils, and more. My living room had a large box filled with smaller boxes from plenty of unnecessary shipments to my home.

So, tell me…what did you do to pass the time when we were encouraged to stay home? Anything match my list?

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