Sleeping with My Paralysis Demon

Late night autumn winds gently push past white sheer floor length curtains causing them to ripple and flow with each blow. The window hosting this crisp air settles into the bedroom of a petite, brown-skinned lady with long box braids. Devin lays cautiously motionless under her bed comforter. Her black almond eyes stare at the tall dark hooded figure lurking in the corner opposing her.

“Again?!”, she blurts from her plump lips.

The figure glides at a suspenseful snail’s pace, dragging its floor length cape, towards the bed.

“I just want to sleep,” she pleads. Her heart pumps through her chest as tears roll down her chubby cheeks.

The figure pauses at the foot of the bed.

In anticipation of the figure approaching further, Devin sobs, “This just isn’t fair…when will this stop?”

It waits and watches Devin’s sobs.

“Please. Please stop!” she wails between each sob. “I can’t take this anymore!”

The figure pivots in a break for sympathy of Devin’s agony and heads towards its corner.

“I… don’t…deserve…this,” Devin says to further confirm reason for the pivot.

In a blink, the figure floats back towards the bed and hovers overhead. Revealing only, it’s plump yet crusted lips “You eat junk food,” a low creepy voice whispered.

Devin cringes under her bedsheets.

“…you procrastinate, sleep late along with multiple daily naps, entertain losers, and indulge in feeling sorry for yourself when times get tough,” it spits out in Devin’s face.

Her eyes bulge in horror. “I’ll get things right I promise. I just want to sleep tonight,” she cries back.

Almond shaped eyes illuminated by a lime green sclera expose from under the hood “You say that every night!” the figure glares.

“I know, but I’m for real this time,” Devin assures.

The figure lands her feet on the edge of the bed while Devin’s lips quiver. She walks slowly across Devin’s benumbed feet, legs, and stomach. She pulls off her hood showing dark veins in her cracked pudgy face and black slithering snake eyed hair.

Devin takes a deep inhale right before the figure’s hands are gripped around her neck. Her arms and hands are crippled and weak. She sobs as tears uncontrollably roll down her face and the grip tightens.

“Why!” she screams as her eyes pop open then awaken.

The sun shines through the breezy billowing curtains. A nearby clock chimes to alarm her for 8am. Devin’s eyes check to ensure the empty corner of her bedroom while slowly wiggling her toes, legs, and then her fingers. A fluffy weight delays her breathing on her post numb chest and neck. Her short arms swiftly swing towards her bosom to relieve her of her chubby puppy lingering there.  She embraces it tightly as she sits up on the bed. Her feet swing to the carpeted floor while cuddling her fur baby.

“Let’s get this day started,” she smiles.


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