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I love payday. The devious schoolgirl side of me does a goofy dance when my direct deposit clears. My mind falls into a trance imagining all the new clothes and beauty products I’m going to buy. After a beat, reality kicks in and I am logging into the utilities, cell phone bill and mortgage websites to send payments. Le sigh. New stretch pants and a salon treatment gets put on hold another week or so to keep a roof over my head. It’s usually a surprise fee or a large bill to kick my procrastination into action when I need some extra cash. Finding a side hustle or part time gig to supplement income is challenging and frustrating at times too. Lately, I’ve been proactive with lazily earning spare cash while I’m in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, riding shotgun on a road trip, or lounging on the couch.

 I like this feeling of unconsciously earning. I’m talking about rebates, cash back, and gift cards. I earn through surveys and money back on groceries and household items.  The way my bank account is set up…I only spend time on legitimate opportunities to get cash. I have a list below of the apps that I actively use and their links. Tap in and earn away!

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1. Earn Cash back with IBOTTA.  This is the app that started it all for me (smile). It’s a cash back app. The way app users earn is based on purchasing specific items that the app is promoting. I love that the promotional items are usually new unique food products as well as many of my favorites like yogurt, juice, and pasta noodles. The effort that is required from users is that you must check off the items you plan to buy then scanning the receipt and submitting it in the app.

2. Get gift cards for your favorite store or Visa cash cards with Fetch.  You’ll have a blast with this app because it is so easy to earn with it. All it requires is scanning receipts – ANY receipt. Using the link above will give you an instant 2,000 points. Yes, you can easily find this link in the app store on your phone, but you will start at zero points towards a gift card of your choice if you do not use the link above. Scan away!

3. Receive instant PayPal cash with 1Q Thanks to an Instagram post I learned about this quick cash app. Users get paid for every single question they answer.  The surveys are fun and interesting but are infrequent.  Your profile that explains your demographics and interests will decide how many surveys you do. Log in or miss out.

4. Answer questions in a flash with ZAP. The surveys are fun multiple-choice questions about TV shows, food products, and opinions of world news. The interesting challenge is that there are additional earning opportunities if you simply log in every day. Sometimes, I log in to check out the types of surveys available and plan to catch up when I have a few spare moments later in the day. Zap on!

5. Bite into SliceThePie. This is my new favorite survey for cash app. I get to rate music, fashion, technology, and home goods. Passionate survey reviewers earn more cash based on how well they write their reviews. I highly recommend this one. My understanding is that it is invite only. Use the link above to activate your membership and survey on.

6. Write App Reviews – Self explanatory right? I love to answer a few questions about food, fashion, and then CHA-CHING! Log in answer a few questions and get cash money sent to your fave pay app.

Everything has its downside. Keep in mind that these surveys require effort. You must finish each survey to earn your compensation. I love to discuss and share about money making opportunities. Please comment and share with me your experiences with the apps above as well as any other surveys for cash apps.

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