The First Time…

“I can’t believe you’ve never done this before,” Alyse said as the bedroom door swung open. She sashayed into the room and looked back at her counterpart. The wind of the door swinging ajar and her head turn caused her chin length bob to sway in the passing gust.

“Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything,” Steven replied in his steps behind her.

While standing on the carpeted floor, she lifted her left foot and gripped her black high heel bootie off with her right hand. She did the same to her right shoe after. Her hourglass frame plopped and laid on the nearby bed. Her right hand patted the peach colored comforter to invite her guest to join.

Steven stood motionless, watched in awe, but snapped out of his gaze after the almond-eyed beauty summoned his company at her side.  His feet quickly stepped to the opposite end of the bed. He followed suit and slid off his oxfords one by one. He angled his Khaki covered rump next to the sultry femme and laid his giant physique backside down. Steven laid like an awkward unsure corpse.

“Why are you so uptight?” she chuckled.

“You’re my long-time friend. I can’t even believe you offered to do this for me,” Steven said in an exhale. His eyes stared straight above at the white antique chandelier.

bed bedroom ceiling chandelier
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Alyse’s body moved closer in a sultry slither.

“So, let me see what you got,” she requested.

Steven’s hands scrambled over his belt buckle to release its hold. Alyse, focused on the deed with her head down, and angled her body over his lower half on all fours.  Her head rose from watching his hustled hand motions to catching a mutual gaze with Steven’s light brown eyes. Her hand sensually swept her side bangs towards her temple then the strands fell back over her right eye. Her bottom lip pulled into her mouth and her teeth lightly grabbed hold, but slowly let go afterward.

“Oh, is that your flashlight?” she giggled while taking control and pulling his pants down to his knees.

His navy-blue boxer briefs fit snuggly over his athletic waist, quads, and noticeable shaft.

“ah funny!” He replied with sarcastic amusement.

“My bad. Let’s get this over with. Ok?” she indulged.

“Yes…let’s…” He breathed out.

Her hands pinched his elastic waistband to lower it to the flat area above his member and aimed her face closer to get acquainted.

“This better not hurt,” he warned.

Alyse’s eyes rolled as she shook her head. In a dainty maneuver, she reached towards her side, squeezed her index finger and thumb into the front pocket of her fitted dark indigo denim jean, and slipped out a two prong metal tool.

“Calm down, it’s just an ingrown hair,” she hissed as she angled the silver tweezers towards his fuzzy groin.




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