Do I smell love?

I just don’t believe it.

I’m here. With him. In this king sized Egyptian cotton dressed bed.

Could this really be? Like any moment will I wake from this dream?

My head rests on his left arm as we lay on our sides and silently gaze at each other. His dark eyes blink quickly as if to not  miss a moment of watching me. My heart lives on my sleeve and expresses  through my mouth that can’t stop smiling.

“I love your eyes” Donovan breaks the silence.

My lips motion forward to meet his while my hand caresses his moist back.

“I love your lips” my voice whispers meekly.

My matching lace bra and panties are somewhere on his cherry-wood floor, but I was mentally prepared to go home last night – to my vibrator.

His free hand reaches around my pear-shaped frame and forces my body to his. Our bodies feel like one together while our sweat glides like wet glue between us.

His tongue invades into my mouth. 

“Mhmm” he moans.

His noise vibrates through my 5’5″ frame down to my pinky toes.

After a moment he pulls away and stares back at me.

Playfully, his fingers tickle across my stomach.

“Bwahahahha” I blurt out loudly while squirming.

He continues while amused at his control over my laughter.

“I can’t take anymore!” I yell while laughing.    “Bbbhhhhhhttt!” my a$$hole chimes in.

We pause. 

His eyes get larger, mouth wide open.

 My eyes squint and cringe. I can’t believe this is happening.

“Oh my Gah! Oh my gah! Oh my gah!” I whine while trying to suppress the smell under the sheets with my arms at my sides.

Donovan grabs the sheets and throws them over my head.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I squeal.

“HahHahahaa hahhahaha” he laughs. “Well I don’t want to smell it!”

“Hahhahahahah” I wildly giggle along.

“How does it smell?!” He continues to joke.

I’m nervous and embarrassed about this awkward yet humorous moment.

Our laughs settle down and we are left panting deeply from the moment.

After we both regain our composure; he hugs me and kisses me lightly.

I hope this means I’ll see him again.


“At first I was afraid…I was Petrified”: what to do when a ghost calls

This type of haunting is always unexpected. You’re happy, you look good so you post a few hot pics of yourself from Saturday night out with your girls and then


Your phone starts to chime and buzz loudly

it’s a text message from a ghost: “Hey Stranger” it says…

You either

A) consider reliving the spooks of your past or

B) ignore it


C) let your iPhone reveal that you read it, but didn’t bother to reply hehehe

If you end up face to face: be your sexy sultry self; wave, smile, keep moving, then hair toss – diva style. If you turn around and acknowledge this ghost you’re inviting all the horrors you experienced before.

hair tossAn enchanting ghost can return out of nowhere and it can be difficult to resist. (school girl sigh) the sweet kisses, hugs, and goofy inside jokes can make you smirk to yourself when you reminisce. But! if you cringe or get tight lipped when you think about the excessive flirting, late date arrivals, and other inconsiderate acts – Runnnnn! ADVICE: be realistic is it for temporary fun? or the future? keep in mind as the weather gets cooler Cuffin’ Season weighs heavy on the minds of people who just want a bed to share. Read: Buzzfeed’s 23 Insanely Clever Responses to Ex Texts

It is human nature to get sucked into a past endeavor when all the fun and benefits come to mind, but to deny fate giving you  the gift of moving on is like having your dreams and goals offered to you but choosing to remain stagnant.

Keep your cool. Hauntings like this only last long when you acknowledge them.

Feeling on the fence about keeping contact? Watch the Lily Allen video below and  Take this Cosmo quiz: Should you text him back on