Do I smell love?

I just don’t believe it.

I’m here. With him. In this king sized Egyptian cotton dressed bed.

Could this really be? Like any moment will I wake from this dream?

My head rests on his left arm as we lay on our sides and silently gaze at each other. His dark eyes blink quickly as if to not  miss a moment of watching me. My heart lives on my sleeve and expresses  through my mouth that can’t stop smiling.

“I love your eyes” Donovan breaks the silence.

My lips motion forward to meet his while my hand caresses his moist back.

“I love your lips” my voice whispers meekly.

My matching lace bra and panties are somewhere on his cherry-wood floor, but I was mentally prepared to go home last night – to my vibrator.

His free hand reaches around my pear-shaped frame and forces my body to his. Our bodies feel like one together while our sweat glides like wet glue between us.

His tongue invades into my mouth. 

“Mhmm” he moans.

His noise vibrates through my 5’5″ frame down to my pinky toes.

After a moment he pulls away and stares back at me.

Playfully, his fingers tickle across my stomach.

“Bwahahahha” I blurt out loudly while squirming.

He continues while amused at his control over my laughter.

“I can’t take anymore!” I yell while laughing.    “Bbbhhhhhhttt!” my a$$hole chimes in.

We pause. 

His eyes get larger, mouth wide open.

 My eyes squint and cringe. I can’t believe this is happening.

“Oh my Gah! Oh my gah! Oh my gah!” I whine while trying to suppress the smell under the sheets with my arms at my sides.

Donovan grabs the sheets and throws them over my head.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I squeal.

“HahHahahaa hahhahaha” he laughs. “Well I don’t want to smell it!”

“Hahhahahahah” I wildly giggle along.

“How does it smell?!” He continues to joke.

I’m nervous and embarrassed about this awkward yet humorous moment.

Our laughs settle down and we are left panting deeply from the moment.

After we both regain our composure; he hugs me and kisses me lightly.

I hope this means I’ll see him again.


…just being a good friend


“I just don’t know how we ended up here” Cassandra says.

She sits across from me on my navy blue couch. Tears well up under her jade toned eyes. My heart aches for my neighbor turned best friend.

“Maybe you two can try therapy again” I reply sincerely with a slight shrug.

“Yea maybe…” she says while tucking her strawberry-brownish hair behind her left ear.

“Well listen, you can stay in our guest room for as long as you want…my husband will be away at work for a few days anyway”

“I’d hate to inconvenience you Lorna”

Cassandra crosses her yoga toned legs then brings her knees to her chest and wraps her cardigan tightly around her frame – like a security blanket. The fetus shaped ball she has curled into is like an invisible bubble blown to protect her heart from anymore pain. While watching her, my head tilts to the right as I think – I want to cure her pain.

“It’s no inconvenience Cass. I’d love the company” I reassure.

Three years ago Cass and Mark moved in next door. It was a breath of fresh air to have her in my life. We went from “welcome to the neighborhood” to “let’s go workout” and eventually “how about a girl’s night out?!”.

To see Cass in pain hurts me to the core. Hearing that Mark has been cheating on her makes me wonder how blind and dumb he actually is.

“How about some hot tea?”

“Yea, sure” she sniffles. 

I stand and sashay my broad pear-shaped hips towards the kitchen sink then turn to watch her from the open floor planned layout.

“Peppermint tea ok?” I call over to her.

“yea that’s fine” she announces back while nodding  and blowing her nose into a facial tissue.

I grab the kettle on the stove and pivot to face the sink. My right hand lifts the faucet lever to release water into the  red teapot. 

My mind can’t help but to find itself in a daze. I reminisce about the first time I saw the slim toned yogi practicing her tree pose while her flowy ponytail lightly dusting across her ballerina  postured shoulders. I was sipping a new flavored coffee while seated at the breakfast bar and admiring her as she practiced in her back yard. The morning brew warmed my soul and her presence heated a desire in me. Such a sweet soul should be given all the world has to offer.

Mark doesn’t deserve her. He can’t love her the way I know I can…

“I sprinkled in raw sugar for you…” my bare feet slap the hard wood floor while carrying the hot mugs to the living room area to accompany my friend in need…

25+ and single? SLUT!

.maneater1…Sorry to say this, but once you pass 25, if you’re not married, you’re a whore. Shame on you for not settling down with the first random suitor asking for your time.maneater_2

Did I make you feel bad yet?

Well, let me remind you of the guy who asked you out, but had to double-check his funds with his baby’s mama, or the guy with no future aspirations. Hey what about the guy who plays minds games that you have no time for?

Want to reminisce about the mama’s boy? His constant conversations about Her show his lack of dating experience or that his dating experience ends with Her.

Oh think about Mr. Too Good to be True. Wasn’t it pleasant to find out he exaggerated about himself? after falling for him? All his emotional and physical baggage was stressful to pack up, but worth the load of constantly being annoyed. Right?

You could be unhappily losing now, but you chose to hold out for a guy who is appealing to your mind, lifestyle, and ambitions.

I’m sorry. I meant to call you the other word for whore: single. You’re a life loving single gal. You’ve been penalized for not being with your soulmate…yet. You have spent your time not in a relationship showing yourself love until you find your special man. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be doing?  Other people view you as someone to pity, shame, or to leave out of plans. (hmmph!)

Just to confirm your single life reality: For the last few years of your lifesingle girl swag1

of dating and failing

you’ve been focused on your career, health, life experiences, family,  and friends. If that is close to accurate, you definitely deserve to be called a winning boss babe!

Proof of your winning status:

Advancement in your career,

that trip to Jamaica with your girls last June,

and not having to share closet space for your amazing wardrobe.

Hard working babes deserve ish like that!

Upsetting and hurtful…

“My husband and I are looking to hang out with other married couples. Not dating couples.” (the woman who said this at an all girls outing has no idea I know her secret scandals in her marriage). I won’t tell – at least- any more than I have shared here.

Okay but back to YOU…don’t change for society and other insecure broads who fear you may steal their man. Be you, but DON’T steal other broads’ men! Maintain your feminine power of being the queen of your domain: Your loft,  sexy yoga pants, and your little lap dog.

CHEERS!single girl2