Darkness of the Womb

Inside your own head lies a world called the Internal Landscape. In this world, both the unborn and the recently dead reside together. It is here that Aiden Haunt, still a baby dreaming in his mother’s womb, sleeps on the highest branch of the Tree of Life, which exists within all of us. It is here that he dreams about his future and sees something that could change everything—he is destined to be a messiah. But he wants no part of that and decides to miscarry himself by throwing himself from the tree, and that’s where our story begins. What follows is his story, and also the story of his parents, Jeffrey and Marigold Haunt, who want nothing more than to see their baby live. This is The Darkness of the Womb. Step inside and take the journey. The fate of the future lies inside your own head.

Cover art for The Darkness of the Womb